2012-03-26 RyanBryngelsonarm:lpc32xx:Fixing the ISP1301 I2C function master u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.07
2012-03-26 Bangaragiri Garm:lpc32xx:Fixing whitespaces in EA3250 board file
2012-02-28 JeanPhilippeEIMERarm:lpc32xx:NAND Flash ECC correction fixes
2012-01-10 Bangaragiri Gnand:lpc313x:nboot command should skip bad blocks
2011-10-05 Kevin WellsAdd support for 32MB and 64MB FDI3250 boards u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.06
2011-04-20 Bangaragiri Gserial: lpc32xx: HSUART fixes u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.05
2011-04-20 Bangaragiri Gserial: lpc32xx: Removed whitespaces
2011-03-04 Kevin WellsFix kernel burn and load address for u-boot macros
2011-02-09 Srinivas BakkiARM: LPC32xx: fixed bootargs with changing nfs
2010-12-22 Kevin WellsARM:LPC32XX: NAND ECC inversion changes u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.04a
2010-12-21 Kevin WellsARM:LPC32XX: Update u-boot board configs u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0_v1.04
2010-12-21 Kevin WellsARM:LPC32XX: Add reset function to CPU file, cleanup...
2010-12-21 Kevin WellsARM: LPC32XX: Move reset function from board to CPU...
2010-12-21 Kevin WellsARM: LPC32XX: Update execution area for PHY and FDI...
2010-11-12 Kevin WellsLPC32x0: Removed extra code for Phytec board and optimi... u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.03
2010-11-12 Kevin WellsLPC32x0: Various changes
2010-11-11 Kevin WellsLPC32x0: FDI3250 : Add missing files that should of...
2010-09-16 Kevin WellsFix problem introduced in previous patch *%*& u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.02a
2010-09-16 Kevin WellsAdd support for FDI board u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.02
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsAdded NAND hardware ECC support and other enhancements u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.01
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsAdded support for NOR FLASH on the Phytec board u-boot-2009.03_lpc32x0-v1.00
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsImproved Phytec and EA ethernet autonegotiation
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsAdded support for the ethaddr kernel command line parameter
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsFixed an issue with 64 bit clock division in the 3250...
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsFixed issues with GCC when using EABI support
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsUpdated 1 for the LPC3250 version of u-boot
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsAdded EA3250 board support
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsInitial release of u-boot for Phytec 3250 board
2010-07-19 Kevin WellsBaseline u-boot 2009.03 baseline